The Truth of Being Skinny

So here I wanted to tell you something, the truth about being ‘skinny’

I’ve been underweight almost all my life. I don’t have an eating disorder either, I eat healthy and normaly. I’ve never starved myself or purposely puked food back up to be skinny. But Idk I just fall under the ‘underweight’ category.

You know it’s suck. Your skin gets drier, you may suffer hot flashes, you bruise and get cuts really really easily, your hair may start falling out, small things will start taking BIG taxes on your body, you will be physically weaker, and you will feel like you have to puke a LOT. Your bones will go pretty brittle too, so don’t do something that could break them. Also heart palpitations are where your heart begins to beat really fast, like when you can hear it and feel it? You’re going to get those a LOT especially when you exercise. And surely everything you wear feels like huge on you, not going to lie.

I started my first period  a week after I turned 13. Well my periods had never once be regular. At one point I went around 5 months without getting it. No mention girls, your breasts are going to get REALLY flat too. Your hair is going to look thinner too, and you’re going to look sickly, your skin may begin to yellow. Also, like I said, your hair will most likely  begin to fall out. You’re going to be more prone to wrinkles too, and don’t even get me started on what the bags under your eyes are going to look like.     So there goes your pretty face right out the window, so what was the point of even being skinny again?

Oh, and you know that little cold you might have when it’s comes to the winter? The feeling sick and filled sinuses? That would have probably been about 10x worse if you were underweight, and you would get sick a LOT more often.

You also would start sleeping longer and getting tired easier, so partying or just hanging out with friends goes right out of the window. You’re not going to have the energy at all to do that, and if you exert too much energy you will probably start feeling sick, light headed and maybe puke. All you will want to do is sleep, most likely.

You’ll start feeling mood changes too, and a lot of personality changes. You’re most likely going to be more irritable, and feel a lot more depressed, especially since you’re probably going to bed tired all the time. You’re not going to want to do a lot of things you would usually want to do. Nobodys going to like grumpy and mean person, even if they are skinny.

So maybe, sure a few problems you have how are going to be fixed when you are skinny, but it’s going to create about 100 more. What skinny is really like, is pretty bad, and not worth it. So my advice is to stay happy, stay healthy. And keep in mind that the definition of beautiful does not require skinny. I really appreciate it you did read these thank you. And if I didn’t cover something feel free to ask. I decided to write this as I get loads of questions about self harming, so, again, your body is a temple ok and it’s very precious ❤Gambar


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